Welcome to the website of Marc and Stephanie Chamberlin, happily married and living with two English Mastif slob mutts - Laika and Luna, a ferocious cat Rango, some chickens, 3 Blue ducks Hewie Dewie and Louie, and an aquarium of fish.

Feel free to browse around and learn more than you ever cared to know about our world!

Marc's Biography

I am a tall 6'5" critter, currently sporting brown hair, blue eyes, and a gray beard. I emerged into this world at exactly 11:09pm on July 25, 1953AD, at the Ashland General Hospital in Ashland, Oregon USA.

My childhood years were spent mostly growing up in a medium small town of Klamath Falls, Oregon. My initial goal in life was to become an astronaut, but alas that was just not meant to be. So I spent my youth immersed in science fiction books, having fun in the Boy Scouts hiking and camping all over southern Oregon till I became an Eagle, talking all over the world on ham radio and driving my parents crazy with all the antennas I wanted to stick up, building electronic kits, fishing for steelhead and trout, playing the piano,  and looking at the stars with my telescopes.

After a two year stint in the Army, I finally grew up and decided computers were my calling. I  graduated from Oregon State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and from the University of Oregon in 1978 where I received a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science. So now I am a computer scientist and a senior software engineer with over 35  years of experience programming computers.


Latest Projects

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JPrise Inc.

Marc's Company

Marc and his partner, Ed Averill, formed a consulting/contracting company that specializes in Java programing. Click on the more button below to visit JPrise Inc's website.


Internet Telescope

Explore the universe

This is Marc's biggest personal project. I am designing a collaborative web site that will allow members of a telescope observatory to control their telescope from the internet.


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